Welcome Scifi Fans!
01.05.2007 Scifi-Chat.com joined Forces with TheMusicKeeper Networks.

Due to several other Projects I am working on and also due to I don't have
WebTv any longer I am unable to create or check the WebRv IRC's at this
Time. If someone on WebTv would like to Help and be a Beta Tester
I gladly build more and better Irc's, I also moved the IRC's to
TheMusicKeeper Networks (Highly recomended by Scifi-Chat.com)

Free Java Chat Applet and Webtv IRC link to a free chat room
for your website.Email us with the chat room name.
We will email you the URL for your room.
(please allow 48 hours

Want to come aboard?
You can connect your IRC's to:


We are here to help you just
E-Mail us
. Support Team

Just in case your wondering what I do Besides this:
TheMusicKeeper Networks